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The Cashflow Network
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$10,000.00 a Month ??? 
2nd-Feb-2009 09:08 pm

    First I want to thank the people for the post before mine,  I enjoyed checking that out , it was great.  Also,  I  have been introduced this program that I found to be very interesting,  and exciting.  I find people who have left the business 2 years ago and are still raking in $30,000.  a month without doing anything at all - from Residual INcome  .   Thats right , you heard me right,  not doing anything at all for 2 years -  I find that pretty astonsihing.  I went ahead and joined because its only $10.00  a month  and I can definitely afford to lose $10.  versus the possible payoff.  Check this out and let me know  what you think??       thanks maria


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